Innovative Kitchen Lighters In Today’s Era

Innovative Kitchen Lighters In Today’s Era

After exposing the butane or flammable gas to the outside world with a regulator, we can light it with a match or kitchen lighter. People used dangerous and perhaps fatal matchsticks to light their stoves in the past.

Chemical Reaction

The piezoelectric effect is at the heart of the gas lighter's operation (conversion of mechanical stress into electric signal). A piezoelectric crystal is attached to the end of a spring that is coupled to a hammer located in the center of the gas lighter's cylindrical body. 9

External Organization

Piezoelectric gas lighters, like the one pictured above, are typically cylindrical in shape and encased in a steel housing. A steel hammer is stored in a button on top, and the button can be pressed to release the hammer. By applying pressure, it causes the piezoelectric crystal to produce electrical potential. 8


When the top handle of the steel housing is unscrewed, a plastic tube housing the hammer and spring is revealed. A telescopic look is achieved by the plastic structure's gradual tapering due to abrupt radius changes. 7


Cast onto the head of the hammer is a clasp that secures the internal spring. Lighters make a clicking noise when the push button is pressed all the way in. This is caused by the latch colliding with the plastic component. The plastic housing is safeguarded from the spring-loaded metal rod's impact on the impact pad by a thick metal ring placed directly above the pad. 6


The push button behaves as a linear actuator. The hammer and spring assembly inside the telescoping plastic housing is pressed into motion once we begin pushing the button. 5

Lighter with Crystal and Stainless Steel

Crystal's gas lighter features a bulletproof abs construction. This gas lighter is constructed from stainless steel, making it ideal for use in the kitchen. It equips with waterproof function. Also, it has a sleek design and a range of appealing hues to choose from. 4

An Everyday Gas Lighter by TULMAN

The stainless iron body of this lighter is a feature. This material will not rust and will endure a long time. In order to create a spark, this lighter does not require any kind of liquid or battery. This works wonderfully as a cover for gas fireplaces, stoves, ovens, and grills. 3

Lighter, Gas, Electric, DOCOSS

This electric gas lighter has a large battery. It has a lengthy neck that can be twisted and turned in whatever direction you like. This lighter doesn't require a flame and can't be blown out, making it safe and convenient to use. The kitchen, the great outdoors, and camping all benefit from this multipurpose lighter. 2

Universal Incandescent Bulb

Sparks can be produced continuously by this gas lighter. It has a plastic body. In the great outdoors, this lighter is a must-have. This electric lighter also comes with an LED torch. The spark can be produced by just touching the soft touch switch. 1