How to replace the window regulator of your car

How to replace the window regulator of your car

Replacing your car window regulator is the best option if repairing your window regulator is not helping. Replacing your window regulator does not require much effort. You just need some basic skills to replace it. Often it is askedĀ how long does it take to replace a window regulator, it does not require much time if done by a professional. However it is not necessary to get it replaced by a professional only, one can change it himself also.

Steps to replace your window regulator

Firstly you need the pieces of equipment to change it. You will require:

  • Screw driver
  • New window regulator

These two are enough to change it easily. The first step is to get access to your window regulator. For this, you will need to open the door panel. Open it with a screw driver, and take the old window regulator out. Clean the door panel with a clean paper towel. Attach the cables of the new window regulator to the door panel and get it fixed firmly and right in its place for efficient working. To get the best out of your window regulator you can apply lithium based grease to it. But make sure to apply it when it is free from any dust particles. When the window regulator has been applied close the door panel and check if the window regulator is working smoothly.

What to do if your window regulator stops working?

If your window is rolled down or all of a sudden due to malfunctioning the window falls down itself, you can get it out manually. Press your hands to the door panel, and you will see a little amount of window try to slide it out from your fingers or you can press both your hands on either side of the window and roll it all the way up until it can be replaced or repaired.

Consequences of a failed window regulator

Firstly window regulator failure is a threat to the passengers especially when there are children on board or the car is being driven. A car with a broken window regulator is more susceptible to robbery or theft. One can easily get in the car through the window and they might even steal your car. The safety of the passengers in the car is also very vital. Hence it should be taken care of right away.

How to reset your window regulator?

Before getting your car's window regulator replaced or repaired, you should always reset it once. Even after repairing or replacing you should reset your regulator. As the error may be caused due to a glitch in the system. First, the door panel is opened, and the motor contains an ignition switch, press the power switch for 5 seconds it may turn off completely. Wait for a minute or two, press the power button again for five seconds and it will restart itself. You can repeat this same process for every door before getting it repaired or replaced.