Celebrate Mother’s Day and Enter for the Chance to Win with #StandUpMom

Celebrate Mother’s Day and Enter for the Chance to Win with #StandUpMom

Mother’s Day is very precious to me for two reasons. First, I am a mommy and have been for five years thanks to being blessed with a beautiful little girl. Second, my mommy. Okay, so I don’t call her mommy anymore but that is what she is. For me, the day is precious because my mom has played the role of mother and father since my father passed away when I was 14. It is as though on this day, this one specific day each year, we are able to celebrate her for the position that she held when we first met.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate “mom” than to think back to important life lessons that she taught us through words of wisdom. Take a moment and think about the advice that your mom lent to you throughout the years, come on, think. I am sure there is one tidbit that has stuck with you through the years, something that you still use today, perhaps something that you have passed down to your own kids? The hubby came up with, “Next time don’t light fireworks in the house. You’re lucky you still have all your fingers,” but somehow that doesn’t work for me. For me, I always remember mom saying, “Always smile and make people wonder why you are smiling.” I didn’t get it at the time and I am not even sure I totally get it now but what I do know is I smile when I am with others. I guess that is a good thing, right?

The one we both agreed on hearing was, “Sit (or stand) up straight.” This was heard at the dinner table, while doing homework, sometimes at night when slouching on the couch and taking up two seats, the list could go on and on. This one definitely stuck with me but I have to admit, I am have slouching, or at least lounging, as I type this. Sorry mom! Although, I can at least admit that you were right. There are definite benefits to good posture and health risks associated with the lack there of.

Did you know that National Correct Posture Month is observed in May, the same month we celebrate Mother’s Day? This year’s BackJoy’s #StandUpMom award is set to recognize mom and the great advice that she shared.

From April 19th through May 9th, BackJoy is celebrating each week by giving away a pair of BackJoy’s new Zen shoes and a SitSmart seat (valued at $159) to the person that nominated mom and their amazing mother. Then, on Monday, May 11th BackJoy will pick a winning duo to receive a grand prize package worth $1500 that includes the BackJoy product suite for two, two massage gift certificate, two floral boquets, and two edible bouquets that will be delivered to your homes.

For additional information about the contest and to learn how to enter, simply check out www.standupmom.com.

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