Learning Together

Genuinely collaborative research invites participants to contribute to all stages of research, including conducting the research, considering its real-life implications, and figuring out where it can be applied.  If you are interested in acquiring hands-on experience with community-based research, and perhaps even creating your own neighborhood story-map project, we would like to hear from you.  Please use the contact us form, let us know what sparks your interest, and we’ll keep you informed about workshops, demonstrations, forums and other collaborative learning opportunities!

Upcoming “Learning Together” Activities – To Be Announced 

  • Garden Stories – Putting your Garden on the Regional Food System Map
  • Life Histories – A Long View of Neighborhood Change & Empowerment
  • PhotoVoice Workshop – Participatory Photography to Assess SESD
  • VideoNarratives Screenings & Discussion

Again, let us know what interests you, as we will be scheduling these activities to maximize participation.  The more contributors, the better!




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