Annie Lorrie, Principal Researcher and Co/LAB Coordinator

Annie Lorrie Anderson-Lazo, Ph.D. is a cultural anthropologist, community organizer and political storyteller. She has been living in San Diego since 2003 and working with nonprofit organizations in the areas of social justice organizing, civic engagement, and most recently food system change.  In 2010 she became the UCSD Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

As Co/LAB coordinator, she hopes to inspire San Diegans to see the power of collaborative research and to support community residents, students and other researchers to build the resources and relationships we need to create a healthier, more equitable, and sustainable San Diego.

Annie Lorrie specializes in ethnography, oral history and community-based participatory research, which she has conducted and taught in California, throughout the United States and Central America.  (Click here to learn more about her research and scroll down to see profiles for three additional members of Co/LAB.)


Camille Campion, Video Narratives 

Camille Campion is a graduate student in Communication at UC San Diego. For the past three years, Camille has worked with children and UCSD undergraduates in community-based service learning at Town and Country Learning Center in Mountain View. Her current project expands on a successful collaborative research experience with members of the Project Safe Way organization, which resulted in a short documentary. Because PSW found the documentary useful for promoting their program and educating the public about safety issues in their neighborhood, Camille hopes that similar collaborative documentaries produced as part of the Co/LAB Foodways & Foodscapes Project can support the efforts of other community-based organizations and contribute to improving community health in SESD.

Camille’s research looks at how stories and storytelling practices mediate community organizing and community development in the neighborhoods of Southeastern San Diego. Read about the Video Narratives process she has developed here.


Keryna Johnson, SDSU Masters’ Student in City Planning, Map Expert

 Keryna Johnson is a graduate student in the Masters of City Planning Program at San Diego State University with an emphasis in Sustainable Development. Her main interests include food justice and food security issues, and her goal is to play a part in rebuilding the San Diego foodshed. Keryna has been an active participant in the San Diego sustainable agriculture movement, and is a founding member of Aztec Farms, an SDSU student-run farm located at the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve.

As a member of Co/LAB, Keryna shares her passion for analyzing, mapping, and communicating data about food system change, and building healthy communities with her neighbors in the SESD community where she resides.


Ivan Rosero’s current ethnographic research is based with residents at Town and Country Village Apartments in southeast San Diego. His interests lie in understanding “the community” and academia as dynamic agents in meaning and knowledge creation – from the points of view of lived environment, context of social interaction, and creative activity in virtual and digital media. A main axis of inquiry is the proliferation (or not) of conceptual (re)presentations of Science in, and through, digital production – movies, photography, virtual worlds – whose creation depends on mutual appropriation by both the community and members of UCSD’s Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition.

Ivan’s work that began with teaching kids about the science of plant life has led to a community garden and other neighborhood interactions to improve access to healthy food.  He has begun to conceive of this type of co-learning as project ethnography.

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