About Co/LAB

Together we collect stories about the past, present and future of real, wholesome, local food in San Diego and connect these stories to data and policy information through maps.  

We believe that by building a homegrown research collaborative composed of  San Diego residents who are also researchers, storytellers, health workers, parents, students, teachers and community organizers we can help build the relationships that empower our community to create change.  Working alongside such efforts as the PPP’s “Good Food Legacies” Community Mobilization Campaign, the SD Community Garden Network, and the 1-in-10 Healthy Food Policy Coalition, we join with others throughout San Diego County.  To accomplish this, we have built Co/LAB, a collaborative group-space that convenes at the Southeastern San Diego Farmers’ Market, two Fridays per month.

Foodways and Foodscapes is about working together toward the following objectives:

1) We lift up the stories of our neighbors, elders and ancestors that remind us of the wisdom we possess to continue thriving as a vibrant, beloved community!

2) We draw on these stories to help grow and sustain a healthy, localized food system that begins with Community Gardens, Urban Farms, Food Forrests in apartment complexes, healthy Cooking Circles, and Backyard Growers’ Groups!

3) We use data and maps to nurture and communicate the shared vision that young people, urban farmers, business innovators and green workers are creating as they work to build a localized, food system that is economically sound, good for the environment, and most all of improves the health of children, families and elders in each and every neighborhood!

We invite all curious and creative San Diegans to explore how Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) can help bring about food system change in our region.

If you would like to learn more about how to collect and share stories and contribute to maps that seek to change food policy, please use the contact us page.  Meanwhile, you can also explore the other pages throughout the site to see how we are working with residents, community organizations, teachers and students to create new tools that allow everyone who wishes to contribute to research to become a co-researcher!

For more information on our project, check out this short film, produced with PPP for Cesar Chavez Day 2011!  And you can read more about Community Based Participatory Research here.




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