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Welcome to the “Foodways and Foodscapes” website!  In late 2010, Co/LAB began working to support food system change in San Diego with research. Soon after, we began developing interactive StoryMaps and participatory video-narratives. Today in 2013, co-researchers and partners continue to use these and other participatory research tools to grow new projects.

Explore the “pages” to the right to find out more about the Co-Researchers and Community Partners who embarked on the  San Diego Community Food Stories Project journey as an exploration of collaborative ethnography. About Co/LAB describes the principles of Community Based Participatory Research. (Pardon the dust, we recently moved our server and are still transferring functionality.) 

For a four-minute snapshot of how we began and where we hoped to go with it, watch this short video (circa the People’s Produce Project 2011 Celebration of Cesar Chavez Day).


foodways & foodscapes video — Cesar Chavez, from camille campion

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  1. Your video intro is inspiring. I love how you couple the powers of story-telling and community organizing to improve quality of life and place. The content, soundtrack and imagery is great too.

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