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Good Food Legacies – A PPP & Co/LAB Production” ?

BACKGROUND – In 2010, Co/LAB’s principal investigator initiated a participatory “research/organizing” process with the People’s Produce Project.  Together we began to identify community stories that reframed representations of Southeastern San Diego and that recorded and reflected the community’s “good food legacies”–the knowledge, wisdom and resources of a “rich” community.  In 2012, Camille Campion introduced the Video Narrative process to build on the group’s collaborative ethnography and community history.

“Telling our story”

Collaborative video production as method and text in community-based food justice research 

Camille Campion (graduate student, UCSD Communication Department) is a founding member of Co/LAB and has contributed the video narratives process to the “Foodways and Foodscapes: San Diego County Stories & Maps Project.”  She developed this process as part of her doctoral dissertation exploring how collaborative video production can serve as a tool for social action.

By tracing individual narratives of members of an organizing effort through the completion of a collaborative video, Camille looks at how collective narratives can facilitate shared reflection and a deeper understanding of group dynamics, history, and memory.

Over the past several years, Camille has worked with a residents’ neighborhood safety group called Project Safeway and more recently with the People’s Produce Project (PPP), a non-profit at the forefront of the local food system change and community empowerment movements in Southeastern San Diego.  As part of Co/LAB she has 1) worked with co-researchers and community partners to identify and video-record relevant personal narratives; 2) created a video about People’s Produce Project and their “Good Food Legacies” Community Mobilization Campaign, which involves tracing the local history of the food system in Southeastern San Diego; and 3) screened the video with community residents at the PPP’s Fanny Lou Hamer Commemorative Event in October 2011.  In addition to completing the dissertation, which will provide a descriptive analysis of the video narratives process in relation to other research and theory about narratives, collaborative video production, and community organizing, Camille expects to teach interested community members how to create and employ video narratives to strengthen their organizations and community work.  Camille employed the video-narratives process when editing our introduction video on the welcome page and the “Good Food Legacies” video, a Co/LAB & PPP Production!

Good Food Legacies

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