The StoryMaps process invites you to look at maps in a way that sparks your memory and your imagination about the past, present and future of a healthy, sustainable San Diego food system.  StoryMaps are living, growing representations of the local food system that show how the spatial boundaries of our neighborhoods, cities and county here in San Diego are also social, cultural, and political relationships that change over time.

Ask yourself.  What do we need to know about the past to envision a stronger food system?

What was Great Grandpa growing in his backyard in the wintertime? What ever happened to that dairy on Logan Street or the community garden where Costco is now?  Why don’t we have local goat cheese?

What we eat and how we relate to our neighbors as fellow eaters, backyard growers, farmers, rum cake bakers, BBQ and carne asada experts, farmers’ market coordinators, farmworkers and food processors shapes our community.  Explore the Good Food Legacies of SESD StoryMap below and perhaps you’ll be inspired to collect a story about food system change or create StoryMap that reveals another set of relationships to the foodways and foodscapes of San Diego!  (We have also begun to create a StoryMap with the SD Community Garden Network.)

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